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So much to tell. Let’s start at the beginning.

So much to tell. Let’s start at the beginning.

It’s been a rather long time since I got to posting. Between, selling our flat, buying a home, moving a fair distance to our new home which is closer to work and schools we have been busy.

A bit of a fixer upper.

While we planned for a lot of things when moving, as usual when you actually move into a new home you discover all sorts of things that were over-looked by you in the process and went unsaid by the seller. There has been so much to do to make us comfortable. Most importantly we bought a new job, oven and extractor – and fitted it ourselves! This was shortly accompanied by a new larger fridge.

Hubby, ever efficient, made me shower in the main bathroom – and not our on-suite (much to my ongoing frustration), while he repaired grouting to fix leaks and redid the silicon. I was okay with this for two days, but became frustrated rapidly after this was extended as he discovered more to fix. To crown it all turns out the main shower was never siliconed on the inside so that had to be done too. At least that was done once ours was fixed and I was back to showering in peace in our shower. The bliss of having an on suite bathroom when you have small children!

Life happens.

Soon we were reasonably settled. We have a dining room table at last and have more than enough space for our lounge furniture. The kids have their own bedrooms and space to play away from the living areas. We have a larger kitchen – which can comfortably have three people in it! The family swing was installed in the garden and the nasty spiked cactus removed. The madame of the house had settled in and we were all set to muddle through until the end of the year.

Adopt the pair.

One weekend on the way to a friends party we heard about a pretty two year old lady cat searching for a home and just like that it just fell into place. We called up the welfare and found out more. Turns out she, Autumn is part of a pigeon pair with a young boy cat who she adopted called Harvey. Soon our cat ranks had swelled to three.

They are still finding their feet. Soon we sadly discovered that they had been adopted before and returned to the welfare and judging especially from Harvey’s behavior they had been treated quite badly wherever they were. It is going to be long road to making the Harvey boy feel safe again. He is such a sweet and gentle boy who loves to wash one and give love bites.

And then we were 7.

So much more to tell and a few reviews of our new kitchen appliances to post. Can’t believe it’s almost  five weeks to Christmas! I will to catch you up on the rest of the happenings soon. Hope you are all well.

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