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The All-day Soft Beautiful Blow-dry Twist Curls Tutorial

The All-day Soft Beautiful Blow-dry Twist Curls Tutorial

So I have naturally wavy hair, which makes quite nice curls if left to its own. However, I have two issues with it when left to its own devices. Number one it goes super frizzy and number two it curls into my face.

My longtime solution wasn’t working.

For or years I straightened my hair and then spent the day in growing frustration as it began to curl. However about three years ago I decided to embrace the curls. I tried numerous blow drying and curl enhancing techniques, but none quite worked or they just took to damn long in the morning.

So I started experimenting.

I decided that I only wanted to spend about twenty minutes on my hair in the mornings’ max and besides this, I wanted something easy to do with a brush. So I started experimenting. Cue much frizz, but eventually, I figured out something that worked. After a couple of weeks, I finally perfected my twist curl technique. Bonus no GHD required!

Watch the video here to see what I do.

I will give you some insight below if you prefer to read how. First I use a diffuser – that funny wide nozzle that you left in the box and never use – to get my damp hair partly dry. Then I section the hair and start at the bottom.

  • Take a wide brush and wrap a 5-8cm section of hair (from the roots) around the brush and away from the face and close the head.
  • Blow dry with the diffuser against the hair section until it is almost dry and then gently twist around and pull the brush down at the same time.
  • Repeat slowly, creating a twist curl and until the brush is worked out of the hair.
  • Tighten the curl by gently lifting and scrunching while using the diffuser to dry completely.
  • Repeat section by section until you are done.
  • Flip head upside down and gently loosen curls once they are cool.
  • Flip back up, gently fluff and settle the hair.
  • Add a little promenade for shine and smoothness.
  • Mist with hairspray and scrunch gently.

Bonus it lasts all day as long as you leave it to its own devices. Don’t run your fingers through it!

Going out later?

If you are going to a party you can brush out the top out and re-curl. Finish off with hairspray and you have soft enhanced curls all night.

Let me know how it goes! Would love feedback.

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