For the love of writing. My random thoughts, parenthood and style intrude on design, health, and cooking.

Hello world! Sorry, really I don’t speak Mandarin.

Hello world! Sorry, really I don’t speak Mandarin.

The time has come for Mandarin.

Toying with an idea is great fun. I will admit to toying with the idea of a blog for a long time. I have written on and off in various capacities for clients and friends on a range of subjects over the years, but never for myself.

Finally, after oodles of procrastination, I have gotten down to the business of actually writing a blog. I started small. A few thoughts on Tumblr over the last while and then suddenly the concept solidified. No more procrastination, I have plenty to write.

Today I took the plunge.

Yes, before you ask the title really is true. Though admittedly I do want to learn to speak Mandarin at some point. As you can probably tell by now I love writing (and language). I have a very loud voice(s) in my head, which has a tendency to go off on odd tangents.

The curious mind of the creative. Ergo the sorry in the title and apologies in advance for the regular interruption of my musings. I want to write design, health, and cooking, which will be interspersed with random thoughts, parenthood, and style. My mind is busy at the best of times.

Speaking to the heart of matters.

I am a glass half full kind of person. I can hear you saying it, Little Miss Sunshine. Always cheerful. However, the truth is far more complex. I will always try and write from a positive place, but there may be times when I do not. I am an analytical person, with a tendency to the logical and a healthy appreciation of the ridiculous.

Luckily this gives me the ability to laugh at myself. Lastly, I will promise is always to be honest and open on all the subjects I write about.

Your participation is required.

I am sure I will have many ideas for posts. My notebook is overflowing. I would like to know what you, my audience is interested in. Your participation through likes and comments means the world to me. They also give me a great indication of if I am heading in the right direction. So please feel free to comment.

If there is something you want to talk about emailing me is also 100%.


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